Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System


A Warehouse is the place where materials are received, stored and managed. A material can be a) Raw Material, b) Tools, c) consumables or any other Non-Production materials. Warehouse is required for manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, Carry & Forward Agents etc. A warehouse is the backbone of the materials handling department.


In earlier days, materials and warehouse were managed by recording the movement in a manual books and was involving tedious and cumbersome process to generate a report.

As the software revolution was taking place couple of decades back, warehouses were also introduced with software to manage the movement of materials. With this,handling materials and warehouse made simple process and used to generate all required MIS Reports in a fraction of times. By implementing a WMS, the organization can remove all the hurdles and challenges that are faced by its warehouse people.


Ess-Matrix provides Warehouse Management System which can be used by any kind business processthat runs a warehouse. A simple but robust and effective system to control, monitor and manage movement of materials across departments & plants. Our WMS is fully capable of integrating with any other existing ERP system and utilizes modern tools and technologies such as barcode, RFID, Vehicle Mount Terminal and mobile technologies to ensure that warehouse data flows freely across the system. Our WMS ensures FIFO based materials issuance.

We at Ess-Matrix, can also provide you all required hardware products such as Barcode printers, Barcode Scanners, Hand Held Terminal, Vehicle Mount Terminal, RIFD readers & Accessories by which you ensure

Our WMS covers following essential and optional functionalities

  • Material indent,
  • PO creation,
  • GRN Entry,
  • QC Entry,
  • LOT Number Barcode Label Printing
  • Purchase Return,
  • Put Away,
  • Materials Request,
  • Pick List Generation,
  • Pick up and confirmation / Material Issue
  • Material Return
  • Rack Management
  • Bin / Pallet / Trolley Management
  • Generates all required MIS Reports.

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