Vendor Portal System with ASN

Vendor Portal System with ASN

Vendor Portal System with ASN

No businesses are independent enough to achieve their goals without help from other organizations. That’s why effective sourcing of material from vendor is critical for companywide success.Vendor management is the process that allowsbusiness to take suitable measures for controlling their vendor’sactivities like cost, reducing potential risks and service for long business run. There are several stages of vendor management like searching for potential suppliers, RFQ activities, evaluate product quality and pricing, signing the contract with L1 supplier, contract with Supplier, material receive, payments and contract renewal or sourcing for new contracts. All these stages involves business to interact with suppliers and it will be an challenging task for the organization employees and need to put an lots of efforts to do this activity. If the mode of communication with the suppliers with phone, email you cannot track the things easily. Thus our Vendor Management Software plays a vital role in optimizing the commination things under single platform. One more magnificence in our vendor portal application is a web based application which acts as a communication modem between the buyer and supplier in the business.

Vendor Portal Management System is a software application that allows business manage multiple suppliers that supply material and service to them. It directly focused on your business process needs, manage Suppliers who support OEM’s on material delivery, service, Warranty, Service Parts, and Quality Improvement. Vendor portal application allows the business to maintain the relationships and communication between the buyer and supplier throughout the product life cycle. In this application you can measure the performance of vendor in various aspects like delivery, quality, service etc.

Features and Benefits of Vendor Portal Application:
  • Single point of communication medium that allows the buyer and supplier to exchange of data.
  • Three types of application user logins – Buyer Super admin login, buyer login and supplier login
  • Vendor will get direct chance of accessing the portal for registration and its simplifies the work of buyer.
  • Simplify’ s buyers task in selecting the vendor on cost factors
  • Create KPIs to measure Vendor Performance
  • Application allows you to track the purchase order to payment process which includes RFQ, Purchase order, negotiations, order release, material GRN and payment activities.
  • Simplify’ s the suppliers document management activities.
  • Application allows the supplier for self service.
  • Automates your material inward with the help of ASN concept.
  • Simple and secure API’s will be provided to connect to any type of ERP
  • Simple and user friendly tool allows you to maintain communication with your suppliers relationship.

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