GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

Global Positioning System follows a strategy for working out exactly where the material is. For example a GPS device can be placed in vehicle, cell phone any other movable items. GPS starts working by providing the information on the exact location. Basically a GSP device is location tracking device of anything. It can likewise follow the movement of a vehicle or individual. Along these lines, for instance, a GPS following framework can be utilized by an organization to screen the course and advancement of a delivery truck, parents can track their students live location or even to monitor high valued assets in transit.

We at Ess-Matrix, capable of proving effective GSP solution with both hardware and custom software application. Our solution will be live tracking feature and extremely simple to use and help our customers to full fill their needs. Our GPS solution which is connected to IOT.

We provide GPS solution for below use cases:

  • Fleet / Vehicle Tracking(Public Vehicles, Personal Vehicles, Commercial Vehicle, Schools Vehicles etc.)
  • Personal / Student / Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Animal Tracking
  • School Vehicle Management
  • Asset Tracking System
  • Fuel and Vehicle performance tracking

Features and benefits of our GSP solutions

  • Installation and commissioning of device very easy and with simple configuration
  • Our software works across the globe and with multi language support
  • Easy configuration application with web and mobile versions
  • Live tracking solution with accurate time stamp
  • Easily configurable and dynamic reporting MIS system
  • One year historical data backup with high security
  • Application server down time not more than 0.01%
  • Large battery pack up and rugged device with IP65 rating
  • Simple API’s to connect to any other ERP for data integration.
  • Offline data saving options with better GPS connectivity
  • Custom alerts can be triggered based on the requirement

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