Library Management Software

Library Management Software

Library Management Software

A Library Management System (LMS) is a software solution that is used to record, manage, monitor and track the movement of Books and other study materials in any educational institutions or a community library. Activities involved in a Library generally covers Inward, Issue, Return, Renewal, Reserve, Scrap, Binding, Storage, Segregation, Searching, etc.

Time to time, LMS has faced many development such as Manual method, Systemized method, adopting barcode technology and now RFID technology. It reduces time in searching, issue to members and to generate any MIS Reports. Implementing a comprehensive LMS makes sure that all the processes are followed in an effective manner.

Ess-Matrix - LMS

Ess-Matrix Infotech provides a comprehensive solution for implementing LMS to ensure efficient handling of Books and other study materials. Our LMS fully integrated, versatile, user-friendly, cost effective solution which is designed to suite libraries of Schools, Colleges, Universities, Community Libraries, Corporate Libraries, R & D Centers. Also our LMS is fully capable of adopting modern tools and technologies such as barcode, RFID, mobile technologies to ensure that warehouse data flows freely across the system. Since our LMS is web based it can be hosted on cloud server or in-premises server which can be operated from outside of office also if provided with static IP. Ess-Matrix Infotech also provides all required hardware products such as Barcode printers, Barcode Scanners, Hand Held Terminal, Vehicle Mount Terminal, RIFD Tags, readers and accessories.

Our LMS covers following essential and optional functionalities:

  • Books Inward
  • Books Issue to membersn
  • Book return from members
  • Book Issue Renewal
  • Book Reservation
  • Book Scrap Status Update
  • Mobility solution for storing and searching
  • Barcode Or RFID technology
  • Supplier / Publisher Managing
  • SMS / Email integration Facility
  • Web Based Software
  • Host on Cloud or In-Premises Server
  • Generate all MIS Reports

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