Contract labor Management System

Contract labor Management System

Contract labor Management Software

A Casual Labor is a labor who is employed as a part-time employee. These labors are usually hired by the employer through a contractor in a mass numbers who are generally semi-skilled or non-skilled. These labors do not come under pay roll of the company and paid by the contractor. Big size manufacturers or some other industries require labor in huge numbers.


When any companies recruits labors in thousands need to exercise huge activities in various processes from recruitment to F & F stages. Companies have to follow up and ensure that all Government statutory compliances are met.

Another major issue is that companies need to have some kind of foolproof system to reject any labors at the time of recruitment in case he has been found that does not have any system twill have greater chance to invite many legal issueswhen labors employed in a mass level as the labors are not bound to continue their job. A labor can be fired from his job when he gets involved in any illegal activity / un-ethical activity against the company. After some time, the same person may re-join in the same company through some other contractor. By then the employer has to have a system to find that the new labour is the one already fired by the Management.

Ess-Matrix has come up with a solution to manage / find out the classified employees or labours at the time of joining itself. This has been achieved with the help of bio-metric device with which our system stores finger print also along with all other data of an employee / labour. Once any labour involves in any illegal / un-ethical activity then he can be fired and his data should be saved in a separate table as classified employees.


  • Classified Labours can be prevented from re-join
  • Can be integrated with existing HRMS / ERP
  • Cost effective and proven

Capture and store finger print data along with all other data of an employee

  • Classify and remove data of an employee who involves in illegal / un-ethic activity
  • Compare finger print of a new employee / labour with classified employee table
  • Prevent the new employee once if the new employee data is found in the classified list Can be integrated

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