RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identification is used to track and identify objects, animals and humans automatically and transmit data. RFID solutions consist of radio transmitters / receiver, antenna and tags & labels. All business verticals such as manufacturing, retail, education, logistic and other service oriented industries also may require implementing RFID solution to automate identification, capturing data and give authorization. Ess-Matrix infotech designs and build customized RFID solution for a wide range of industry / applications. We conduct a survey to study & understand your business process to propose a best suitable RFID solution by integrating with RFID equipment and customized software solution to bring out the best result. Ess-Matrix also supplies RFID equipment such as RFID Tags, Fixed Reader, Hand Held Readers controllers etc.

Use cases of RFID Solution.

Automobile and manufacturing: Tracking of inventory, WIP material, FG stocks, asset tracking, pallet tracking, material movement etc.

Transport and logistics: identification of products, location identification

Education:Student and employee tracking, library booking tracking

Retail: accurate product availability, easy billing,stock taking

Jewelry: Inventory management, theft control for valuable items, fast billing.

Animal tracking: animal count tracking, movement tracking, location tracking

Parking Lot and Gate Access: Entry/exit gate open with authorized tags, Total vehicle counts etc.

Document Tracking: Document movement tracking, document counting, location identification etc.

Benefits and advantage of RFID solutions:

  • Increased accuracy, security and visibility across the inventory.
  • Automated check-in and checkout operations, eliminating manual labor
  • Constant update of information on real-time of each item in the inventory
  • Better traceability of missing items
  • Eliminates queuing at toll plaza and parking area
  • Capable of capturing the multiple data at a time
  • Capable of capturing the data in tough environment

We at Ess-matrix we provide end to end solution with hardware and software in the field of RFID solution.

  • RFID Readers and Antennas
  • RFID Tags(Hard tags, Soft tags, Active and passive tags)
  • Handheld RFID readers
  • RFID Printers
  • RFID integrated custom application
  • Installation, commissioning and training
  • Capable of capturing the data in tough environment

We are authorized partners with following OEM’s for hardware items

  • Honeywell
  • Zebra
  • Impinz
  • Alien etc

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